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If you are looking for a highly effective interdental cleaner that can clean between teeth without the use of a thread, consider a water flosser. Water flossers are designed to clean between teeth using a steady beam of water that blasts away debris and plaque buildup. There are easy to operate and do not require extensive movements as a dental floss sometimes does.

If you are looking for new and better ways to enhance your smile, switching to supplementary tools such as water flossers can prove to be beneficial. In some situations, traditional dental floss may not work as intended. This is because you may have a restoration or prosthetic in your mouth that impedes its progress. This can include orthodontic aligners, dentures, dental crowns, or dental bridges. In situations such as these, a water flosser may be better for your entertainment care.

Even though water flossers do not use thread, they have been shown to be just as effective as dental floss for washing away food particle and debris. In addition, water flossers are highly effective for treating plaque buildup and gum disease. They’re also recommended for individuals who want an easier tool to clean between their teeth as they are easy to operate and require little manpower.

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