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While cold and canker sores are both painful lesions that appear in and around the mouth, they each have different root causes. Cold sores are contagious and caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1), while canker sores are not bacterial or viral and are caused by an auto-immune condition, making them non-contagious. But no matter which one you are suffering from, treatment can either stop the development of an on-coming sore, or minimize the discomfort and bring about healing of an already existing sore. Thankfully, Dr. Chet Hymas is highly skilled in just this kind of treatment.

During a treatment procedure, our team can destroy the virus particles (if you have cold sores), dry out the lesions, alleviates pain by killing nerve endings, and promote healing. We strive to ensure your cold and canker sore treatment is quick and painless. After treatment, both the frequency and intensity of sores will decrease, leaving you with a much more comfortable, confident smile. We can also provide you with instructions to reduce the discomfort of cold and canker sores.

The best time to see a dentist for treatment on your cold or canker sore is when it is still in the burning, tingling stage, so please feel free to give Hymas Family Dental a call to set up an evaluation for our cold and canker sore treatment in the Spokane area! You can reach us at 509-922-1360. We look forward to hearing from you!