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Dr. Hymas strives to be the best dentist in Spokane Valley while building a dental staff that can create a safe and healthy environment for families here in the valley. It's not always easy to help entire families, but the best way to promote dental hygiene within a family is to begin by training the parents to instill good habits amongst their children. Here is a story that we were told talking a little bit about why dental habits amongst the parents can help their children:

My father is the strongest man that I know. No matter the situation that he’s in, he always knows how to overcome the pain and make any experience a positive one. I think that the only exception to this rule was when I saw him suffer from his root canal. My father started having pain at the beginning of the year, but to save money he withstood the pain for as long as he could. My mom witnessed his pain everyday until he finally listened to her pleas to go to the dentist. I remember his face after he got back from sitting in the dental chair for several hours to find the solution.

Root canal. They had to perform an extensive root canal due to his subpar dental habits. On top of being super expensive, he resisted the surgery because he didn’t want to go through all the pain that comes during and after the procedure. The fear that he had before the surgery was just the cherry on top of this awful ice cream sundae. But the day arrived.

My father was in the chair for over four hours without any feeling in his mouth and drooling like a baby. A family friend drove him home, and we were all as a family ready to take care of him. The procedure completely consumed his entire week and the week of everyone who lived under the same roof. 

Two years have past since that experience and I now see my father brush his teeth with more determination than ever. He now never lets my younger siblings go to school or bed without brushing their teeth as well. At the end of everything, the pain taught him and all of us the importance of taking care of our dental hygiene before it’s too late.