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You may be at an increased risk for dental damage and are completely unaware of it. Even if you are effectively keeping your smile clean every single day by practicing daily oral health care cleaning routines including brushing and flossing safely and effectively, your mouth can be at risk for dental damage in other ways. In order to prevent the risk of accidents or injuries, it is always a good idea to keep your smile safe from outside sources.

Are you aware of any risks of dental damage that can arise in your day to day life? Did you know that numerous habits that you partake in can have severe detrimental consequences on your health? It’s true, so it is important to assess your oral health to eliminate any bad habits you may have. This can include using unhealthy products and substances such as smoking and chewing tobacco, and drugs. These products can easily destroy your smile and lead to tooth loss and cancer, so to protect your oral health for years and decades to come, eliminate them from your life immediately.

Mouth jewelry and contact sports are two other well-known forms of dental damage. Mouth jewelry in the form of lip and tongue rings can easily lacerate your gums, cause infections, lead to nerve damage, pose as choking hazards and potentially cause chipped and cracked teeth. Furthermore, dental damage via contact sports can destroy your smile in seconds. A single blunt trauma blow to your face can knock out several teeth and even break your jaw. For this reason, you should always wear the necessary safety gear and equipment whenever possible.

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