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How often would you say you come to the rescue of your oral health care? Do you believe you are doing enough to keep your smile safe from the oral health risks that may damage your teeth and gums? Similarly, how would you rank your diet? Oftentimes, individuals don’t take into consideration their oral health in regard to their diet. In order to ensure you can continue to receive the oral health you desire, eat healthy foods.

Some of the healthiest foods that you can eat are those that are high in water and crunchy. This includes foods such as apple and pears. They are extremely beneficial because they can wash away food residue and harmful acids and can even produce additional saliva. Saliva is essential for your oral health care as it is a known substance that can help reduce plaque and neutralize harmful acids in your mouth. Saliva has even been linked to the prevention of cavities and other oral health conditions.

Make sure to eliminate snacking from your life between meals. This is important because snacking can increase the rate at which tooth decay and erosion can occur. Instead, stick to large meals for all of your food and drink needs.

Calcium and phosphorus have proven to be extremely beneficial for your teeth. Not only can they remineralize your teeth and strengthen your tooth enamel, but they can also add an additional layer of protection to your oral health. Foods such as chicken, cheese, nuts as well as drinks such as milk are proven to be high in calcium and phosphorus.

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