Improvements in Oral Health Care: Dental Damage Treatments and Prevention

Are you aware of the risks associated with dental damage and how it can destroy your smile? Several risk factors in your life including your diet, oral hygiene routine, and your lifestyle can all play a significant role in causing dental damage. To help minimize the effects of dental damage,... Read more »

Adapting to Dentures

If you are getting dentures, it will be entirely new experience for you, especially if you have gotten used to living with and compensating for missing teeth. But as our dentist, Dr. Hymas will tell you, a full smile can improve your appearance, and help you to eat and speak... Read more »

The Many Uses of a Dental Crown

Occasionally dental accidents happen. This can be, at best, mildy obnoxious, and at worst very painful. We have some solutions for you. If you have a cracked or chipped tooth, or a tooth with a large cavity, read on! In this post, we will talk about a popular method of... Read more »

Oral Health Spotlight: Healthy Foods to Eat

How often would you say you come to the rescue of your oral health care? Do you believe you are doing enough to keep your smile safe from the oral health risks that may damage your teeth and gums? Similarly, how would you rank your diet? Oftentimes, individuals don't take... Read more »

Alternative Interdental Cleaning with Water Flossers

  If you are looking for a highly effective interdental cleaner that can clean between teeth without the use of a thread, consider a water flosser. Water flossers are designed to clean between teeth using a steady beam of water that blasts away debris and plaque buildup. There are easy... Read more »

Superior Smiles Include Dental Anxiety Therapy

  If you are concerned about visiting your dentist for an upcoming oral health care procedure, you may have a condition that is commonly known as dental anxiety. Dental anxiety often arises not only from visiting your dentist but also from the oral health care procedures that you may require.... Read more »

Why Do I Need to Wear a Mouthguard?

Your dentist, Dr. Chet Hymas, encourages you to wear a mouthguard while you play high-contact sports and while you sleep (if you tend to grind your teeth while you rest). To explain why this is the case, our dental team is happy to list the benefits of wearing a mouthguard... Read more »

Care for Your Smile by Learning About Dental Damage Prevention

  You may be at an increased risk for dental damage and are completely unaware of it. Even if you are effectively keeping your smile clean every single day by practicing daily oral health care cleaning routines including brushing and flossing safely and effectively, your mouth can be at risk... Read more »

Replace a Tooth in Bad Shape With a Dental Implant

Thanks to your tooth enamel, your teeth are incredibly hard and bite through and chew tough foods. However, situations in which dental trauma or a blow to the face can cause a tooth to crack, severely fracture or even shatter. If damages occurring in the root or socket is severe,... Read more »

How Should I Properly Recover Following Wisdom Tooth Removal?

If you’re interested in knowing how to properly recover after wisdom tooth removal, then our dentist, Dr. Chet Hymas, is more than happy to help you. The recovery period is very important because it helps you reach the optimal oral health you deserve. So, to help you properly recover and... Read more »