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Brushing for Life

Dr. Hymas and staff are pleased to announce our new “Brushing for Life” program! We are firm believers in the Sonicare tooth brushing system and have seen firsthand the superior oral health benefits it provides. Because of this, we are recommending the Sonicare toothbrush to all of you, our valued patients, and would like to offer a free Sonicare toothbrush head at each recare cleaning appointment.

After you pay your initial $25 enrollment fee, you simply must maintain your recommended recare schedule in order to keep your “Brushing for Life” benefit (i.e. no missed or canceled recare appointments). As long as you are an active patient in our practice, you will receive the “Brushing for Life” benefit of a free Sonicare toothbrush head at each maintained recare appointment.

We do understand circumstances arise that require rescheduling; however, if you miss an appointment or cancel within two business days of your scheduled recare visit, your free Sonicare head will be forfeited for that day. (But take heart–there’s always your next recare appointment!). Furthermore, if your dental cleanings lapse past one year, another $25 enrollment fee is required to once again participate in the program, if you so choose.

Questions? We’re happy to answer them! And even happier to hand over your free Sonicare toothbrush head. Because patients like you deserve the absolute best.

We’ll see you in the dental chair.

Dr. Hymas & Staff