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If you ever experience a painful sensation when eating cold, hot, acidic, or sugary foods, or drinking iced beverages, or even breathing in cold air, then you may be suffering from sensitive teeth. Here at Hymas Family Dental, we believe that no one should have to live with this kind of discomfort. That’s why Dr. Chet Hymas is happy to offer root desensitization treatment to help remedy tooth sensitivity.

The major cause of sensitive teeth is root exposure. Tooth sensitivity can be the result of brushing too hard, or of gum recession that causes root surfaces to wear. Our dentist is highly skilled in using periodontal treatment to bring about root desensitization. By applying a bonding resin, along with a fluoride varnish, the roots become sealed and the painful transmission of extreme hot and cold is blocked, resulting in reduced sensitivity. Even better, anesthetic is typically not required for this procedure.

For a high standard of care for your sensitive teeth, you can count on us to give your smile the treatment it deserves. Start enjoying the food and drinks you love and ask us about our root desensitization in Eastern Washington today! You can reach us at 509-922-1360.