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Summer time is all about being outside, taking pictures, eating your favorite picnic lunches and rocking out on vacation. All of these activities are hard to do if you suffer from dental pain, discomfort or a smile that doesn't compliment the rest of your look. Instead of hiding your smile or avoiding your favorite foods due to eating discomfort, visit Dr. Hymas in Spokane Valley to get your smile back on track for summer fun.

Brushing, flossing and regular dental check-ups are vital for a healthy smile, but are useless until past decay and infections are taken care of. No matter where you are with your dental health, Hymas Family dental can help you and your family reach your dental goals.

So don't wait until next year to start taking beautiful summer pictures to remember your incredible summer memories. Visit us in office or contact our staff to make this year's scrapbook the start of your beautiful smile.