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For patients looking for a fuller smile, dentures may be a solid option to help with eating, speaking or simply complimenting your facial characteristics and style. With dentures you can either get full, or complete, dentures or partial dentures depending on your specific needs. 

The difference is quite simple; full dentures replace every tooth and is meant for someone who has either removed all of their teeth or will be removing any remaining teeth. Partial dentures are meant to replace either one or more missing or decaying teeth but not all of them.

After reviewing your options with Dr. Hymas, choosing between full or partial dentures will be a clear decision. On top of bringing back functionality and your look, dentures are a great way to keep your mouth healthy, clean and straight. Many partial dentures can help with facilitating daily dental cleanings and the structure of remaining teeth (kind of like braces).

Dentures can potentially benefit your dental health in many ways, but they do bring up some potential challenges. Getting your mouth and muscles used to dentures can be difficult. Some patients struggle with excess saliva, speech and pronunciation, eating and discomfort. These problems are common; Dr. Hymas is more than happy to discuss these difficulties and evaluate them with you.

Dr. Hyams is excited to review your options to determine the best fit for you. Schedule a free consultation with our team to determine your best fit.