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What is a cavity? "Well, it's a... ugh... actually. I don't really know!" 

Even though we here the word "cavity" quite often when at the dentist, most patients don't know what it really is. A cavity is a when a hole in our tooth that is caused by germs called plaque. Plaque is a slimy substance that sticks to our teeth and becomes acidic. It's almost like leaving a hot metal marble on a bar of butter. It begins to dissolve the enamel of our teeth until it reaches the center of the tooth where it can cause havoc on the health of the tooth.

Enamel is like a shield that protects our tooth, but unless proper cleaning, flossing and disinfecting occur, it is just a matter of time until a cavity busts through the enamel. Once inside the tooth, the bacteria can then spread through the softer and more vulnerable parts of the tooth and begin to eat away at the nerve of the tooth which is really unpleasant.

So, how can we protect ourselves from cavities and from them breaking through the enamel? The answer is quite simple. Brush your teeth, floss daily and see your dentist frequently! Some other things that you can do to help boost your protection is the use of a quality mouth wash, avoiding sweets and unique brushing techniques! If you simply brush from side-to-side, try circular motions, brushing your gums and really focusing on the spots that are tough to reach.

Dr. Hymas is more than happy to help you by offering electronic toothbrushes, quality cleaners and special techniques. Call our office today to for a consultation and to start protecting your smile!