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Your dentist, Dr. Chet Hymas, encourages you to wear a mouthguard while you play high-contact sports and while you sleep (if you tend to grind your teeth while you rest). To explain why this is the case, our dental team is happy to list the benefits of wearing a mouthguard in these two situations. The benefits are:

-Mouthguards can keep your teeth safe when you play high-contact sports and activities. This is important because it’s common for a hard, forceful object to hit your mouth and harm your smile. In fact, there is a good chance you could suffer an oral injury like a knocked-out tooth, chipped tooth, and more if you don’t wear a mouthguard. If you wear a mouthguard, it can cushion the blow and protect your smile.

-Mouthguards can prevent wear and tear if you tend to grind your teeth. This is because it covers the arch of teeth and limits the contact the teeth have with each other. The less contact they have, the reduced chance you have of suffering worn-down and fractured teeth.

To learn more about mouthguards in Spokane Valley, Washington, please contact our dental team at Hymas Family Dental when you get the chance. All you need to do is dial 509-922-1360 and we will be more than happy to help you. We look forward to hearing from you!