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At Hymas Family Dental, we hear horror stories about dentures and dental implants. That they are either too uncomfortable, painful or simply keep slipping out! If you can relate in any way to this next story, call Dr. Hymas today! Here is what Catalina wrote to us about after remembering her grandfather's experience with dentures:

If you could see a picture of my grandpa when he was young, I’m sure that you would agree with me that he looked just like Elvis Presley (probably one of the reasons why my grandma married him). What a handsome man! Unfortunately over the years, his smile didn’t age as graceful as Elvis’ dance moves. When some of his teeth started to disappear, my grandma tried to convince him to get dental implants.

My grandpa wasn’t sure if it was a good idea because for him, comfort is the most important aspect of his dental health. He thought that using a dental implant was like having play-doh in his mouth. After all, Elvis would’ve looked good without teeth too, right?

His resistance didn’t last long, as my grandma ended up persuading him to give dental implants a try. I remember as a little girl, when my grandparents got home from paying some bills at the bank. That day, my grandpa wore his favorite outfit because running errands was his big event of the week. And of course, he couldn’t leave without his new dental implant. When they got to the bank, they made their way into a long line of people. After entering the line, my grandpa felt a big sneeze coming like never before.

To avoid being embarrassed he covered his nose with both of his hands, leaving his mouth wide open. When he sneezed, his dentures flew over the line of anxious people. My grandma was super embarrassed as they searched for his dentures amongst the crowd of strangers. It turned out to be harder than they thought to find his dentures among the massive amount of feet shuffling in line.

After several minutes of looking, they found his dentures, dirty from inadvertent kicks turning his false teeth into a hockey puck of sorts. Since that day, my grandpa decided to never wear his dental implant again. I don’t think that his dentures ever returned to see the light of day again.

To avoid negative experience such as this, visit Dr. Chet Hymas at Hymas Family Dental in Spokane Valley, Washington.