Preventive and Family Dentistry in Spokane Valley, WA

When you need a caring dentist in Spokane Valley, you can trust Hymas Family Dental proudly to ensure you and your family members receive the exceptional dental care you need! Dr. Chet Hymas and his team are committed to helping our patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles at all stages of life. Our office is conveniently located to provide top preventive dentistry to patients across Spokane Valley, Millwood, Greenacres, Liberty Lake, and beyond.

patient visiting Hymas Family Dental for a routine checkupWith comforting amenities and gentle sedation available, our team emphasizes positive dental experiences for every member of the family!

Comforting Amenities for Your Visit

Hymas Family Dental offers a wide array of choices to help provide comfort while you are here, including laughing gas sedation, hot or cold neck pillows, chapstick, and cozy, fluffy blankets that wrap you in comfort while you are lying back in the dental chair! If you arrive hungry, we also offer protein drinks to fill an empty stomach. Your comfort is our priority!

We offer the following preventive dental services in Spokane Valley, WA:

Dental Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

Maintaining your best oral health with regular preventive exams and cleanings at Hymas Family Dental is key to maintaining your best smile! Our dental team emphasizes prevention over repair, providing comprehensive preventive treatment and education on the best ways to take care of your teeth.

At Hymas Family Dental, we take pride in offering ultra-thorough dental cleanings delivered by our skilled hygienists. When you visit our office for a dental cleaning, you'll enjoy clean treatment rooms with their own air purification systems for ultimate safety.

Your cleaning will begin with a pre-procedural rinse that works by cutting down the bacteria in the mouth, helping to ensure a better healing experience of the dental tissue after your dental cleanings. Our team will then perform a thorough health history and airway check, screening for obstructions and sleep-related breathing disorders like sleep apnea. Our hygienist will check the health of your gums, then use the latest instruments to remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria.

It is a top priority for our hygienists that you’re comfortable during your appointment, and we encourage our patients to take an active role in their oral health both in and out of our office!

Dental X-Rays

At your preventive appointment, our team will take x-rays and update your existing dental x-rays, allowing us to assess the bone around the roots and crowns of the teeth. Our x-rays detect cavities, bone loss around the roots, and even disease in the mouth. If you have excellent oral health, Dr. Hymas may recommend x-rays less often than a patient who is at risk for more cavities. Your personalized care plan will consider factors like age, oral health, risk for disease, and any existing signs of oral disease or discomfort.

During your preventive dental appointment, Dr. Hymas may provide additional preventive treatments including x-rays, oral cancer screenings, and strengthening mineral treatments, when necessary. 

Your Comprehensive Exam with Dr. Hymas

man smiling at the dentist during his dental appointmentTo complete your cleaning appointment, Dr. Hymas will visit you to go over his findings. Your x-rays will be examined, your mouth will be looked at, and any concerns will be addressed. This examination might be long or short, depending on what you need from the doctor that day. Because we want you to feel taken care of here, your time with Dr. Hymas maybe long or short, depending on what you need from your dentist!

Periodontal Probing for Measuring Tissue Depth

During your preventive care appointment, our hygienist may check your periodontal probe depths to best assess your oral health. Depending on the state of your gums, our hygienist might recommend a different cleaning strategy to remove bacteria and promote healthier gums.

Preventive Tips for Oral Healthcare at Home

When you visit us at Hymas Family Dental, you will always be receiving suggestions, hints, and tricks on ways you can improve the efficiency of your oral hygiene routine at home. We will provide you with a special homecare aids designed to help you achieve a healthier mouth. Your dental team will show you how to use these items effectively, and answer any questions you may have!

Mouthguards for Athletics

At Hymas Family Dental, your smile is a feature we want to protect. If you or a loved one play sports, we can offer the necessary protective appliances, in the form of a custom-fitted mouthguards. Many schools and organizations require the use of sports guards, and for good reason. After our dental team takes the necessary molds and impressions, we'll provide your smile with the ultimate protection from injury, concussions, and more!

Bruxism Night Guards

woman explaining her dental concerns to her dentistIf you experience nightly clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep, our team recommends protecting your healthy teeth with a custom-fitted nightguard appliance.

Your nightguard will be crafted from a very durable, comfortable plastic material, designed fit snugly over your teeth while being easy to sleep in. Protecting your teeth against grinding at night will protect your teeth from excess wear, earaches, toothaches, sore muscles from clenching, and more!

Comprehensive Preventive Care in Spokane Valley

Every member of the family can receive gentle, comprehensive care at Hymas Family Dental. Your preventive care will be delivered in a comfortable, modern setting, complete with all the amenities you need to have a positive dental experience. Call today to schedule your next visit!

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