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We love to hear feedback and stories from our patients and their families. This stories hits home and explains the importance of thorough dental hygiene and regular visits to your favorite dentist in Spokane Valley, Dr. Chet Hymas. Shawn wrote,

"I was sitting in the dental chair and the appointment was taking a little bit longer than I thought it should’ve. With a metal pick, he kept coming across these hard spots on my teeth and he kept picking at the same spot over and over again. I knew it was a cavity. I would’ve been fine if he had only found one spot, but he kept finding these spots all over my teeth. It seemed like he would have to stop on almost every tooth to pick and pick and pick. When it was all said and done, he had found eight cavities. I became instantly furious, not at me, not at my teeth or my dental habits, but just at my dentist. His X-ray machine must have been wrong. He was probably the worst student in his dental class. Somebody had to be at fault and it definitely wasn’t me.

Rewind two years, I decided to serve a church mission in Italy. For these two years, I wouldn’t have access to dental care over the span of the two years, so I took my dental hygiene very seriously. I brushed my teeth not twice, but three times a day, everyday, for two years. The food in Italy is not nearly as sugary as it is here in America, so I thought that I was golden. The only thing that I didn’t do was…. floss. I probably flossed four or five times over the two years that I was in Italy.

While my teeth looked nearly perfect, they were decaying in the cracks and out of sight. So when the dentist told me the bad news about my cavities, I was heart broken. I came back a week later to get all my cavities filled, and the entire procedure took four and a half hour. The work was going to be so extraneous, that not only did he numb my mouth, but he also gave me some drugs to relax me. I was able to watch two whole movies… that was the type of procedure that it was. But the drugs made me so relaxed that I don’t even remember the movies. Just that the dental assistants would beg me to keep y mouth open because I would doze off.

After all the time and money that I spent repairing my mouth, I vowed that I would never let that happen again. I used Phillips Sonic Care, floss picks and top of the line fluoride toothpaste. My teeth are already about 50% fillings, and even though the damage is done, I don’t plan on it getting worse.

That experience was five years ago and every since, I floss once a day and brush twice a day. I spend less time taking care of my teeth, but I use better products and techniques that keep my teeth protected and clean. Since then, I haven’t had a cavity since."

To avoid a situation similar to Shawn's, speak with Dr. Hymas and his team at Hymas Family Dental in Spokane Valley, WA to assure that you are doing the right things to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful (inside and out).