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At Hymas Family Dental here in Spokane Valley, Washington, we are constantly trying to become a better dental practice. Becoming the best dentist in Spokane Valley is no easy objective, so we ask our patients what they love about Dr. Hymas and his team and how we can improve. Here is one response that we feel describes our goals to be your favorite family dentist:

"When I think of a dentist, I think of family.  Even more so than with medical doctors, I feel a dentist needs to have a family connection.  Not genetically but in how they treat you and how one feels when they enter the office.  Trust is there.

My favorite dentist was friendly and knew each member of my family by name.  As I sat in the chair he would go over my children’s activities as if he were their uncle.

Dr. Hymas is the only dentist that I know of that would call each patient the day after or two days after each appointment to see how they were feeling and if his work was satisfactory.

In terms of pure dentistry, a prospective patient should consider a plethora of issues in deciding if a particular dentist is an acceptable dentist for them.  I would list such things as education, background, experience, referrals, location (although not a deal breaker), costs, insurance company pairings, and as mentioned above, just how do you feel when in their office?

In referring to the above mentioned criteria for selecting a compatible dentist lets look at each issue.

First, education. Most (if not all) dentist are qualified to wear the title of DDM. They have been board certified and pretty much passed the same courses to practice family dentistry. So for me this issue is not a major consideration.

Second, their background.  This is not a geographical question but why dentistry? Why did they decide to go into dentistry, was it money? Desire to help people? Was it just where their schooling lead them? What caused them to become a dentist.  If they don’t know, they may not be the dentist for you.

Third, experience.  How long have they been in practice? Of course the longer the better in my opinion.  Experience leads to wisdom in how to proceed under certain situations.  Experience is a key factor for me and not to be discarded.

Forth, referrals.  Basic and honest referrals can be key as well.  Have others had good experiences with they dentist.  We have avoided dentists just for this reason.  Referrals can tell you if they are quality dentist or if their charges are fair.  Referrals also reflect the office staff that make your dental visit a positive or negative experience.

Fifth, location.  When we moved to Atlanta we commuted by plane back to our old dentist just to receive the dental service that we needed..  We would schedule our dental cleanings and dental work to coincide with vacations to visit family, because we considered him family.

Sixth and seventh, costs and insurance.  One would of course want to make sure that the dentist you are seeing accepts and is paired with the insurance company that you are covered by.  If you are shopping “out of network” then you will be paying more for your care. Is your dentist aligned with multiple insurance agencies that accept his work.  If so you have a good match.”

At Hymas Family Dental, we love stories like these. We strive to be the best dentist in Spokane Valley by treating our clients like family. To learn more about about practice or to schedule a visit, contact our team today.