Cosmetic Dentistry in Spokane Valley

Our dentist right here in Spokane Valley, Dr. Hymas, really enjoys helping families and individuals smile with confidence. A bright and complimentary smile can help in the workplace, at school and at home no matter your age or dental history. As leaders in cosmetic dentistry here in Spokane Valley, our dental staff is excited to offer and explain the options that you have to transform your smile.

Our cosmetic services aim at correcting the shape, color and position of teeth. This is a skill that Dr. Hymas and staff have meticulously developed into an expertise. A healthy smile is our number one priority, but the confidence and glow that a complimentary smile brings is truly something special that gives us great satisfaction. Not only do we service Spokane Valley, but we are a part of the community and feel great joy in delivering smiles to our friends and neighbors.

Speak to our staff about what treatments and procedures could help build your smile into something that is a beautiful as it is functional. From porcelain veneers to teeth whitening and bridges to ClearCorrect teeth alignment, we strive to research, discover and offer treatments that will elevate your smile through professional cosmetic dentistry right here in Spokane Valley.

True or False?

Teeth whitening damages your teeth.


If done properly, teeth whitening is a very safe procedure that simply opens the pores in your teeth momentarily to remove and lift stains.

Veneers can be whitened.


Veneers are made a certain color to match your teeth and can not be whitened beyond the original make.

Teeth absorb.


Your teeth are like sponges! They have pores and can stain if not properly kept and even whitened on a regular basis.

Everyone's teeth can be perfectly white.


Some people have teeth that are whiter than others simply by genetics. Teeth whitening simply removes stains that have accumulated over time.