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If you have lost teeth to periodontal disease, infection, or injury, we encourage you to come see Dr. Chet Hymas for tooth replacement. Whether you need a single tooth or multiple teeth replaced, we can provide you with customized dental implant crowns or bridges.

Dental implants are an advanced solution to missing or extracted teeth. They are designed to imitate the look and feel of natural teeth and extend the longevity of your new smile. The implant screws are surgically placed in your jawbone to take the place of the natural tooth roots. They are then allowed to bond with the bone to create stability for the dental restoration. Depending on how many teeth you have lost, you may need only one implant screw or several. A single screw is topped with a dental crown to complete the look of a full tooth. If two or more implant screws are placed in one area of your mouth, our dentist may place a dental bridge on top to cover a large gap.

When you visit Hymas Family Dental, we will thoroughly discuss your tooth replacement options and help you determine if and how many dental implants will benefit your smile. Please feel free to contact us at 509-922-1360 today for more information about receiving dental crowns and bridges in Eastern Washington.