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With the coming of a new year, people tend to have an optomistic view of the world and of their life. Individuals begin to ponder how they would like to better themselves and the world around them. At Hymas Family Dental, we want to help our patients reach their new goals and ideals. This passion to serve our patients inspires our unique and customizable services. We understand that each patient is different, but most have one goal in common. Almost all of our patients strive for whiter smiles, and that’s why we offer a wide variety of whitening services and options.

Just to name a few, we offer KöR and Zoom whitening treatments. These services help our patients whiten their smiles and give results that can be seen after just one visit. Depending on the  lifestyles and preferences of our patients, we recommend the treatment that would be the best fit for them financially and physically. If you and your family would like to learn more about the treatments that are at your disposal here in Spokane Valley, we’re happy to do a free consultation to cover your options.