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If you are concerned about visiting your dentist for an upcoming oral health care procedure, you may have a condition that is commonly known as dental anxiety. Dental anxiety often arises not only from visiting your dentist but also from the oral health care procedures that you may require. It is treatable as numerous meditative therapies can be used to help alleviate symptoms associated with dental anxiety

Try not to worry too much if you do have dental anxiety. You can find out what exactly is causing your dental anxiety and tell your dentist. If you’re afraid of having an oral health care procedure or if sounds in the office disturb you, you are likely suffering from dental anxiety. Your dentist may be able to allow you to listen to calming and relaxing music during a dental procedure or use a stress ball or fidget spinner to take your mind off of any treatments you may need. In some situations, many individuals have dental anxiety due to the fear of pain that they may receive. If you are set up for deep procedures and complex therapies, fear not, as sedation dentistry can be used to help apply local anesthetics and other forms of sedation to help ensure no pain is felt.

Our team at Hymas Family Dental looks forward to enhancing your smile with dental anxiety therapy. To book an appointment at our dentist office in Spokane Valley, Washington, please contact Dr. Chet Hymas and our team at 509-922-1360.